Return to Play guidelines – 2021

Individuals are responsible for ensuring they are kept informed and following the recommendations outlined on the Government of Saskatchewan Website.

Please see below guidelines specific to the league, which are aligned with the Government of Saskatchewan:

  • It is recommended that players arrive no more than 10 minutes before the game.
  • Each team is required to provide their own BALLS for their defensive innings. 3 large balls and 2 small balls should be available at all times in case of home runs, losses or damages. At the beginning of the season, each team will be supplied with balls.
  • Teams will not share scorebook back and forth.  Keep your own scores.
  • All games will be 1-1 count for the month of August
  • It is recommended that the balls be disinfected each inning. Each team is required to supply their own Lysol wipes and/or hand sanitizer.
  • UMPS will be maintaining social distance and are no longer required to touch the balls.
  • The umpires will NOT be switching balls between batters. This is the responsibility of the catcher or someone on the bench. This must be done quickly and efficiently in order to avoid delays in games.
  • The umpires have the discretion to stop the game with a TIME CALL at any point to have the ball switched for a clean one.
  • Catchers will be required to maintain a distance of at LEAST 2 bat flips from the back of the batter’s box. The UMPIRES will mark the minimum distance in the dirt.
  • Individuals must not share personal items (i.e. bats).
  • Spitting (includes seeds, tobacco and fluids) and other similar activities are not permitted at the diamonds.
  • Congratulatory gestures such as high fives and handshakes are not permitted.
  • Spectators and players should try to minimize cheering and whistling as much as possible.
  • It is recommended that players bring their own chair.
  • Masks/Face coverings are not mandatory; however, they are recommended.
  • We request that minimal spectators attend the games. If spectators do attend, they must maintain social distancing and should be kept out of the players spaces.
  • Encourage participants to arrive no more than five to 10 minutes before the scheduled activity and depart 15mins after scheduled activity to reduce people gathering in groups.
  • ANYONE who is sick or symptomatic must NOT participate. If a person becomes sick, they should immediately stop participating and return home. 

Remember: practice social distancing, wash and sanitize your hands, disinfect equipment before and after coming to the diamonds. Let’s keep everyone safe!